Masterclass 2019

Theme: Access To Care: Making Health Markets Work for the Poor

Achieving Universal Health Coverage – access for everybody to basic health services without financial hardship – is one of the biggest challenges in global health. Half of the world’s population find themselves unable to access essential health services, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

In these countries, lack of capacity, low tax payments and health insurance penetration rates and absence of trust have created a vicious cycle – and it is the poor who suffer the most.

Building inclusive, sustainable health systems, grounded in trust and solidarity, is a long-term endeavor – but the poor can’t afford to wait. Through the advent of innovative solutions, including (mobile) technology, what took us decades in the past to achieve can – and should – be done much faster.

This seminar will focus on how we can turn the vicious cycle into a virtuous cycle, to make health markets around the world work for everyone


The Masters:

Meet expert Prof. Catherine Kyobutungi. Her research in chronic disease management focuses on patient experience. Joep Lange Chair is a key player in performing the primary research required to understand how the healthcare system is set up and whether it is ready for chronic disease management. Joep Lange Institute provides the necessary networks and partnering opportunities. 

Prof. Dan Ariely looks into financial decision making in health and JLI opened the door to analyzing problems in Africa. He mostly questions himself: What is holding people back? and what can we add to the equation to motivate people? It is good to work with an organization like Joep Lange that knows what is happening locally, and has the connections. 

“We are at a standstill at the fight against HIV”. Meet Prof. Mark Dybul who speaks of linking local innovations from the community to head of state so that innovations and delivery can drive changes in policy. The most likely to become infected by HIV are not getting treatment and AIGHD’s human centered design aims to listen to the patient and tailor solutions accordingly. “We won’t solve problems by separating people. We will only solve problems by linking institutions and expertise”. 

Prof. Anna Vassal speaks before the 2019 Masterclass. “How do we consider healthcare choices and does it affect others around us?”