Chair 3

Professor Anna Vassall

Professor of Health Economics at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Timeline of engagement

Prof Anna Vassall was appointed Joep Lange Chair as of February 2018.

Research focus within the Joep Lange Chair & Fellows Program

Joep Lange Chair Prof Anna Vassall develops new methods in economic evaluation in global health.

The objective for this chair is to work with AIGHD, the Department of Global Health (AMC) and their partners to further develop and apply methods to assess ‘value for money’ of the interventions they are piloting and implementing; ensuring that the methods used capture and value multiple impact and are relevant to a diversity of funders. The chair would aim to link novel economic evaluation methods and research to the ongoing projects led by Joep Lange Institute’s (JLI) partners, in order to ultimately benefit the health and welfare of the poor.

The focus of work in 2019 has been to develop a method to explore the external and unintended consequences of health interventions around infectious diseases, within economic evaluations and ‘value for money’ assessments.